Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Kelsie Mosebar and I am a current 19-year-old sophomore at Washington State University in the small town of Pullman, Washington.  As a WSU student I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism, along with a minor in Marketing/Business Administration.

I have lived in Washington my entire life and absolutely love living in the Pacific Northwest.  I am originally from the greater Seattle area and moved to Pullman in August of 2015 as I started my first year at WSU.  Even though I have never lived anywhere else besides Washington, Pullman feels like it’s in a completely different state itself.  Having lived around trees, populated cities, and constant rain in Seattle for 19 years, the wheat fields, rolling hills, and small population of Pullman is a completely different setting and a big change in my life.

Moving on to more important details, you’re probably wondering why I have started blogging and what my blog will be about.

Since about first or second grade I have enjoyed being creative, using my imagination to write stories, writing about the places I travel, and writing about my life experiences.  At that age I had it set in my mind that I would become a Journalism major as I got to college and one day become a Journalist.  As I was an elementary school student, I was the stereotypical “little girl who wrote in her diary.” I would write about dreams that I had, or just about anything for that matter.  But by doing all of this I still had no idea what kind of writing I wanted to do as a Journalist.  All throughout junior high and high school I kept asking myself, “Do I want to write for a magazine? A newspaper? A company website?”  I could never answer my question, I never knew what I wanted to do.  During my first year of college I took introductory classes in my major and continued to study Journalism, hoping that I would finally be able to answer my question.

As just about everyone’s first year of college is a huge change in their lives that is open to new people and experiences, this was the big change in my life that helped me discover what I want to do.  As the second semester of my first year of college came to an end, I finally was able to answer my question and was beyond excited about it.  After experiencing so many new things throughout my first year of college, living on my own, becoming an adult, having a passion for writing and telling stories, and seeing some of the work of my favorite bloggers, I learned that blogging would be the best fit for me and I am very excited where it will take me in the years to come.

Why is my stage name the pacific northwest brunette?

Starting up my blog I did not want to have the super original title of just my name, Kelsie Mosebar.  I decided to add two details about me (being a brunette, and a girl from the pacific northwest) and throw them together to set a name for my blog.

My goal for this blog is to write about my life, such as the places I travel, the things I do, and each life experience.  I truly hope that my blog entries are entertaining, interesting, relatable, and informative to my audience.  I love being able to write about everyday life that everyone else experiences such as the struggles of growing up, the world of dating, learning who you are as a person, and just going about daily life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my very first blog post and I sincerely hope you are just as excited as I am about the upcoming of my blog!