5 Ways to a Happier Lifestyle


We’ve all seen how people act when they’re in a bad mood and are having a bad day, and we’ve all seen how people act when they’re in a good mood and are having a good day, we even notice how we, ourselves act based on our moods. Attitude and perception is everything.


1. Be kind, no matter what

A smile can go a long way.  It may be hard to force a smile while being totally lit up, but even just forcing the facial expression automatically activates happiness.  What if, instead of acting negatively when in a bad mood, we act positively and make ourselves happier?  How did it feel the last time you were angry and started acting negatively toward others?

2. Positive vibes only

Find something worth laughing over, look back on a happy memory, or make fun plans with friends.  Don’t dwell on the problem, solve the problem.

3. Get more sleep

Manage your time.  Get all the things done you had planned for one day and schedule around your sleep calendar to maintain 8 hours of sleep each night.

4. Exercise


5. Find a hobby you like, and pursue it

Whether it be reading, golfing, listening to music, or fishing, do one thing a day that makes you happy.