Who Should or Shouldn’t You Trust? Learning Self-Reliance

I’m going to be upfront and bluntly say that people let you down.  It may be cynical, but after being involved in so many different types of relationships (whether it be with family members, friends, best friends, or significant others) you really learn who you can trust the most.  Yourself.


That doesn’t mean you have to be a loner, because of course you should have relationships with others.  This means that rather than being dependent on others, be more independent with yourself.

How did it feel the last time a serious life event came up and everyone else was too busy to come to your need?

How did it feel to trust a good friend enough to talk about personal life matters, and find out they actually didn’t give a crap?

And how did it feel when the one person you trusted most in life lied and went behind your back?

Probably like the worst feeling ever.


After the continuous lies, betrayals, and heart breaks caused by the people you’re associated with, you learn the hard way that you are always there for you (and maybe even your dog as well).

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that trust, being so so so important in life, is something to be extra cautious of when maintaining relationships and creating new ones.

But the relationship you have with yourself will last a lifetime.

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