5 Reasons Why Life is Better at the Lake

I am super grateful to be able to live in the Pacific Northwest for many reasons.  One in particular is the fact that there are lakes just about anywhere.  After just one visit to Lake Padden in Bellingham, Washington, it is already one of the best lakes I’ve been to in my home-state.

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After a peaceful walk around the entire lake it made me realize how much better life can be with one trip to the lake, and how satisfied you feel when you leave.

1. Clears Your Mind

Regardless of all the crap that might be going on in life, something about being at the lake just takes it all away and you forget everything that is going on.  After a very stressful and emotional couple of weeks, I forgot all of it with just being at the lake and it made me feel very happy.  With my mind cleared, I was able to fully enjoy being with nature and was very content.

2. Keeps You Active

What is even better about being at the lake and enjoying a picture perfect landscape is that it keeps you active! Walking about 2 miles around Lake Padden was a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying a great view and great summer weather.  Looking to make a fun trip to gain more steps on your Fitbit? The lake is the place for you!

3. Makes You Feel at Peace & One with Nature

Similar to clearing your mind, just getting out in nature is the best medicine to anything going on in your personal life.  It’s the perfect escape to get that peace and relaxation you’re always looking for and to enjoy the great outdoors as well.  For a day, or for a week, the lake is the perfect way to increase your happiness.

4. Increases Happiness

With being outside, getting exercise, getting away from people, and regaining your thoughts and peace, you’ll only leave feeling happy.  Even if being in nature isn’t really your thing, give it a try, it may surprise you!  Forget about Facebook, Twitter, and your wifi connection and get outside!

5. Your Home Away from Home

With being a “city girl”, I’m always looking for a break from constant rush hour traffic on the freeways, heavy populations and crowded places, and sometimes just a break from all of the drama going on in life.  The lake is my home away from home because of what it does for me and how it makes me feel.  Any place in nature or at the lake is always welcoming and makes me feel at home in its own way.