First Visit to Snoqualmie Falls

This summer I have been working hard on my bucket list of adventures and places I’d like to see before summer is over.  As I turned 20 today, I decided to check off Snoqualmie Falls from my list while making it a fun birthday outing.

Practically everyone I know has been to Snoqualmie Falls and have shown me the pictures of how amazing it is, but I had never been.  Having lived in Washington for 20 years now I felt it ridiculous that practically everyone had been there except me.

What I loved about the short hike was the immediate lookout of the falls just as soon as arriving, and all of the scenery.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.36.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.36.35 PM

I had been told many times how the falls wasn’t much of a hike, but rather a tourist attraction.  Even though the 1/2 mile trail wasn’t exactly a hike, it didn’t even matter, it was still amazing and I completely enjoyed every moment of being there with such great summer weather.

For those of you who are out-of-towners, or for those who are as deprived as I am of visiting popular attractions on the west side, Snoqualmie Falls is definitely a must-see place.

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