Midterms, Adulting, and a Quarter Life Crisis

Ever since I turned 20 a couple months ago, a part of me can’t stop thinking about how fast I am adulting, I am no longer a teenager.  It’s kind of a scary thought.

Reality settled in as I moved into my first apartment at school and started my sophomore year.  Taking on so many new responsibilities, along with being a full-time student, and making time to have a personal life of my own, I can already understand the stress adults feel quite frequently.

As midterms are beginning at school all I can worry about right now is that I will fail at life and never get a real career after college.  It terrifies me so much.  “What if I am not good enough?” “Those companies will never hire me.”  As I am beginning to take on a large workload for my classes, the thought becomes more and more intense.  It completely sucks.

I have found myself worrying more and more about school and careers, as well as things I want to do and places I want to see while not in school.  There’s just so much to see out in the world and so little time, not to mention so little money as I live the broke college student life.

I must say, adulting right now is kind of hard, but I am determined it will get better.  It’s just an adjustment.