The Travel Bug

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” ~ Michael Palin


Ever since I was younger I’ve always had a huge thing for airports.  Whenever I got to go on family vacations, I couldn’t wait to get to the airport, see the huge board of all of the places available to travel to, feel that rush of excitement once you’ve boarded the plane and are about to take off, being up in the air, and then finally arriving at your destination.  For me, it still is a feeling like no other.  Airports remind me of travel and all of the different places out in the world to visit.

People might think I’m crazy for having such a fascination, and might not understand it at all when I talk about it, but it’s something that I will never stop liking.  Still true today, my mood is instantly lifted when I know I get to travel somewhere and go explore.  Being at airports, no matter how frustrating they can be at times, reminds me of escaping reality.  I’ve always heard that travel is the best medicine, and I believe it to be true.  Something about being away from reality and being somewhere new where you don’t know anybody gives you the best kind of peace and happiness.


As I get older my list of places I’d like to visit keeps getting longer and longer.  Even just writing out my list puts me in such a good mood and gets me excited.  I’m always thinking about how much fun it is to go somewhere new, explore everything about the area, and experience new things.

One of my favorite states to visit is California.  Although it’s pretty stereotypical for California to be such a fascinating place for a girl my age, I can’t help but dream about it.  I’ve been to Southern California a couple times and always enjoy the visit to Santa Monica the most.  Walking around the town, along the pier, and the beach, especially in the evening when the sun is setting is my favorite time to go.  I’ve totally fallen in love with the California beaches and the lifestyle of living in beach towns all along the coast of Southern California where the sun is constantly shining.


Even hiking around areas that have a totally different atmosphere and different scenery than what is typically seen in the Pacific Northwest is fun and exciting as well.  Visiting Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas was a totally different hiking experience than I’m used to in Washington.  With super hot temperatures, and beautiful kinds of rocks through the canyon, it all reminded me of how fun it is to adventure and explore new places that make for the best kinds of stories to tell.

The more I travel the more I pick up the travel bug.  I am determined to visit as many states around the country as I can, along with other countries overseas throughout my lifetime.  For me, there will always be something out in the world for me to see.