Sweaters, Lazy Days, Fall Colors: My Favorite Things About Fall

Just about everyone I know considers Fall one of their favorite seasons, mainly because of all of the changing colors of trees and leaves.  While I do agree that it is also one of my favorite things about fall, I consider Fall my least favorite season.  However, I find the things that I enjoy the most about the season that makes me forget the things I don’t necessarily enjoy.


My all time favorite thing about Fall is having lazy days inside when the pacific northwest weather is typically stormy and rainy.  I take advantage of these days whenever I get them by listening to cozy and relaxing coffee-shop music, binge watching some of my favorite TV shows on Netflix, staying in bed in cozy sweaters and pajamas, and even catching up on blogging and other social media.  On these days I like to listen to music that I have posted in one of my previous blog posts about my go-to fall music playlist.  I also never get tired of watching re-runs of Friends, Gossip Girl, New Girl, and The Office.  These days almost always guarantee to put me in a better mood.


On days that aren’t completely awful to be outside in, I have so much fun doing my own photo shoots with my camera out in nature, surrounded by the red and orange trees.  I love to model my Fall clothing out in the different kinds of scenery, and always make sure to keep up with Instagram.  The colors and lighting of Fall complement the perfect photo shoot that is always enjoyable.

Although Fall always reminds me of being further away from Summer, transitioning into colder weather, less daylight, and starting school stress again, it does have its advantages that make it a great season, especially in the pacific northwest.