My Life Role Model: Who I Am Truly Inspired By

Every four years, I always get excited about watching the summer Olympics.  My all time favorite event to watch is gymnastics.  I have always envied gymnasts and love to watch their routines and performances.

I first started watching the Olympics in summer of 2008, the year that Nastia Liukin first competed in the Olympics.  Ever since the 2008 competition and watching her success as a gymnast, I was instantly inspired.  Although I am no gymnast, it’s her dedication and passion for the sport and determination to fulfilling her dream that inspired me the most.


I am currently reading her book, Finding My Shine, and get more and more inspired as I read.  As I read about her dedication to getting good grades in school, along with being a full-time athlete, it made me realize that anything is possible when you work hard and love what you do.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had the same dream, to succeed in school and my career that will take me to cool and exciting places.  It has always been a dream of mine to work for a big company in the big city, New York or Los Angeles, and gain all kinds of new opportunities. Inspired by Nastia Liukin’s focus, determination, and passion in her career, it made me believe that I can fulfill my dream by succeeding at what I am doing now, being a full-time student, and working hard at making my blog more popular and successful for the future.

I am a Washington State University undergraduate student and was lucky to have the opportunity to hear Nastia Liukin’s motivational speech in October.  When I look back on her speech, I am always reminded of one of the most inspirational motivational quotes, “Never quit after a bad day.”  As a full-time college student, I am always running into moments where I get discouraged and believe that I can’t do something.  But these words, and the determination of making my dream future a reality makes me truly believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

I absolutely loved the opportunity to personally meet and talk to one of my all-time favorite life role models and am always inspired by her work and success.



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