New Years at the Needle

One thing I love about new years in the Seattle area is being able to watch the fireworks show from one of the best fireworks show locations, the Space Needle.

Each year I like to spend my New Years Eve exploring downtown Seattle by riding the Great Wheel, trying out some of the nice restaurants, and then visiting the Space Needle for the fireworks show.

For those who have never visited the Space Needle, I highly recommend making your first visit on New Year’s Eve for the fireworks.  The Space Needle puts on one of the best fireworks shows I have seen and never disappoints.

Being able to stand right underneath the Space Needle to watch the fireworks is always the best way to end each year and say hello to a new one.  Who can beat views like this?


Instead of riding the Great Wheel this year, I wanted to try something new by staying in a hotel downtown for the night and enjoying New Year’s Eve in the city.  Thanks to the Holiday Inn Express next to Seattle Center, I enjoyed a fun night in the city, while also staying so close to the space needle.

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