E.L.F. Nourishing Night Cream

Starting off the new year, I have begun to search for and try out different kinds of makeup, more specifically make up for fresh and healthier skin.  I wanted to try something that was affordable, but effective.

I recently stopped by Target to browse their cosmetics section and found what I thought was perfect for what I was looking for.  E.L.F. Nourishing Night Cream.  I am still in a trial run of the product, but after two nights of use, I am already noticing positive results.  Each night before I go to sleep, after I am done washing my face, I gently apply the cream to my face until it is absorbed into the skin.  I wake up in the morning with fresh, glowing skin and feel my skin getting healthier already.

Because of my more dry skin type, I notice more moisture and better results from the product.  However, I would not recommend this product for those with a more oily skin type.



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e.l.f. Nourishing Night Cream // Target



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