The Best of the Pacific Northwest: San Juan Islands

Exploring is easy when you live in a state that offers so much sightseeing.  The San Juan Islands offer some of the best views of Western Washington, no matter which island you visit.

Last week I took a day trip up to Friday Harbor, located on San Juan Island, and I had a blast.  Friday Harbor is a cute little town right on the water that I love to visit during the summer time.


Being totally honest, the commute to the island was definitely not ideal.  After about an hour driving and three hours of ferry rides, I was so excited to finally arrive.  And it was all worth it.

One of the main reasons I visited the town this summer was because I was dying to drive the mopeds around the island.  Susie’s Mopeds in Friday Harbor offers mopeds, scoot coupes, and electric bike rentals for a fun day on San Juan Island.

After realizing that I was too short and too underweight for the mopeds, my boyfriend and I decided to drive the scoot coupes instead.  It was SO much fun! At first looking at it, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as the mopeds.  But I was totally wrong.  It was awesome!  My boyfriend and I took turns driving around and got to sit next to each other this way and experience it together.

In under three hours, we were able to see some of the islands greatest sights without seeing the entire island itself.  We drove to a couple beaches and had a great time cruising around in our fun vehicle for the day.  Plus, the view of the Olympic Mountains and all the other mountains around us on such a nice day was amazing.


When I first started driving the scoot coupe, it took some practice before I could get the hang of there not being pedals, as everything was controlled from the steering.  I would like freak out and try to use the brakes, but there would be no pedal.  It definitely took some getting used to lol.

After we were done cruising around the island, I had to visit my favorite ice cream shop right on the water in Friday Harbor.  I visit the ice cream shop everytime I come to the island.  Definitely a must-have.  Friday Harbor Ice Cream Co. offers 72 flavors of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.  The Cookies ‘N Cream is my personal favorite.  Enjoying some ice cream on the water as evening was approaching was the perfect way to end the day.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.16.37 PM


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