Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Homebody

‘Tis the season! I’m so ready for Christmas time and can’t wait to begin holiday shopping. This season, I will be posting a few gift guides on my blog to help you all find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  This first gift guide will include gifts for the homebody, someone who loves to stay at home and be comfy and cozy throughout the day, and prefers curling up in bed than going out.  Tbh, this is my life.  I love staying at home and being comfortable and use a lot of the gifts you’ll see in this gift guide for days that I stay at home and don’t have anywhere planned to go.

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Shop the Post:

Bath Products:

  • Bath Bombs // Bath & Body Works
  • Bubble Bath/Body Wash // Bath & Body Works
  • Candle // Bath & Body Works

Cozy Morning Necessities:

  • Mug // Francesca’s
  • Hot Chocolate Mix // Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Slipper Socks // Macy’s
  • Slippers // Ugg
  • Pajama Top/Bottom Set // Macy’s
  • Pajama Bottoms // Macy’s
  • Bath Robe // Macy’s

Around the Home:

  • Books // Target
  • Fuzzy Pillows // Pottery Barn
  • String Lights // Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Fleece Throw // Macy’s
  • Earbuds // Apple


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