A Product Review: Sugarbearhair Gummy Vitamins

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I have always been that girl with super fine and thin hair that just does not want to grow.   It has always been so frustrating to not have the length and health of hair that you see all those girls in magazines and on Instagram have.  I always thought to myself, “Why can’t my hair grow and look like that?”

But I have finally found the solution and have stuck with it for about three months now! The Sugarbearhair gummy vitamins are the absolute best hair vitamin I have ever tried, and they really do work! I’ve tried numerous amounts of hair vitamins in the past and did not have the best luck with them.  I figured the same would happen with the Sugarbearhair vitamin, but I decided to try it out anyway.  And I am so glad that I did!

Other than the fact that the vitamins are blue gummy bears that are so delicious, I’ve noticed that my hair has grown about one to two inches within the last three months and has even become a little thicker!  Hello Instagram-worthy hair!

To see the best results, it is advised to take two vitamins per day, however, I only take one per day as I do not like to eat too much sugar.  But as long as I am still seeing results, I cannot wait to keep taking these vitamins and have the hair that I have always wanted!

Check out Sugarbearhair to start your hair growth journey!




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