Life Planning with the Transcending Waves Planner

Happy Monday and new week! I am SO excited to share some exciting news with you guys today!

I have partnered with Transcending Waves to share with all of you their over-the-top amazing life planners (and a discount code for you all)! They are literally the perfect life planners anyone could ask for when it comes down to scheduling each aspect of your day-to-day.

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For some reason, I find it so hard for me to stick to one single planner where I can write down all of my scheduling.  I literally use at least four different kinds of scheduling methods.  I have a planner where I write down all of my assignments for school, I use the calendar app on my phone to schedule in days where I need to go to work, I have a monthly calendar hanging on the wall in my room where I keep track of important days during the month, I set reminders on my phone under the Reminders app to remind me of important things that need to get done, usually for my blog, and I rely on my memory as well for just about all of those different schedulings.  That is just way too much and not a good strategy at all! (Yet somehow that’s how I have done my scheduling for a long time.)

But not anymore!  The Transcending Waves planner allows for so many different organization strategies to easily manage my full overall schedule.  I am still in the middle of filling mine out, but I am loving it!  This is definitely the planner for me after the organizational dysfunction I call my current schedule/planning habits.

What is so cool about the Transcending Waves planner is that you fill it out to your own personal needs.  What I mean by this is it isn’t your standard 12-month planner you would buy at the store.  You open the planner to a month, you decide which month you want it to be, and start planning away!  Aspects such as important projects for the month, habits/skills to improve on, things you’re saving for, distractions to avoid, top goals for the month, action steps to complete those goals, etc. are all included on the monthly overview to help set your focus.

When it comes to weekly planning, I absolutely love how specific and focused the planner allows you to be.  You can set your top goals for the week, your to-do list, how you will focus on each aspect of your life for the week (in your personal life, with your friends and family, at work, and even at school), and helps you keep track of your expenses for the week!

There are so many amazing features included in the Transcending Waves planners that are much needed for someone like me.  I am one of those people who definitely needs to write things down in some form for me to remember them and actually get them done and I feel like I can plan out everything about my life in this one planner, so beneficial!

So if you’re in any way like me when it comes to scheduling and planning, you need this planner!  Check out Transcending Waves here and make sure to use my discount code “justkels10” for 10% off your order!

Thanks for reading!


Thank you to Transcending Waves for sponsoring this post.

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