Blue Crop Top for Summer

I’m all about the crop tops and high rise shorts this summer!  The perfect outfit for casual summer days out on the town, going to the carnival, going to the beach, and all those other summer festivities.

There are just so many dang cute crop tops out there that I just absolutely love!  Particularly crops that crop very high above the waist, just because of all the different kinds of high rise shorts or pants you can pair with them and it’s super cute!

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I did a major summer shopping haul a little over a month ago and scored so many cute pieces of clothing I was seriously so excited about it, shopping for the new season is always so much fun to do.

And one of my favorite things from the shopping trip was this adorable little blue crop top.  I actually got it at this new little boutique I had never even heard of before called Concept, and I couldn’t believe I had never heard of them because everything in their shop was SO cute and affordable and all things I would wear.  Accessories, clothing for almost any occasion, and even some beauty are all offered!  What’s unique about Concept is that it is a Washington-based boutique with locations in just the tri-cities and Tacoma.  But they are working on their website, which hopefully will be ready soon to start that online shopping!

I also finally got a new pair of white shorts, I was in like desperate need, I’ve had my two other pairs since high school and just really needed a fresh new pair.  These high rises are from American Eagle because let’s face it, American Eagle is seriously the best place for shorts, they have SO many to choose from.  And the white of the shorts pairs perfectly with the light blue of the top to create that bright summery look.

The top runs a bit small, I’m wearing a size Small and it fits me just like an XS would and is very comfortable.  For such small crop tops as these, I’d recommend sizing up no matter what just because they’re so small.


Shop My Outfit:

Crop Top (Similar – Mine is unfortunately not available yet online) // Forever 21

High Rise Shorts (on sale right now for under $35!!) // American Eagle Outfitters

Sunglasses // Nora NYC


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