Abercrombie Tie-Front Tank: Friday Favorite

I am super excited about today’s look, because once again, the yellow obsession continues, lol.  These days my closet is looking a whole lot more yellow, even with some of the fall clothes I have recently purchased, and I am so loving it.  Actually one of my new favorite colors.  I just recently bought this top from Abercrombie and I literally cannot stop wearing it, especially with how hot the weather is right now.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.40.48 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.42.07 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.06 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.49 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.14 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.58 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.22 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.41.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.40.57 PM

What I love the most about this top is that you can style it so many different ways.  My go-to right now has been with shorts and sandals, but it can totally pair in the fall as well with a cardigan and some denim.  I actually tried it on that way in-store before I bought it, with some blue denim and a light sand-colored cardigan, and it was still just as cute.

I’ve really been loving the bright and sunny yellow tops with white shorts, just because of how happy and warm the colors are blended together.  You just can’t go wrong with yellow during the summertime.

And what’s even better is that the top is actually on sale right now for just $12!  I am wearing a size XS and it does fit true to size.  They also have other color options available as well, like burgundy, black, mint green, and coral.

All outfit details are linked on my ShopStyleCollective down below!  And I definitely recommend purchasing the top, especially while it’s on an amazing deal right now!




Happy Friday and hope y’all have a good weekend!




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