Everyday Casual Outfit for Fall

If you’re like me and like to dress comfortable and cute, while not putting too much effort into your outfits in the mornings, this outfit is for you! I don’t know why but finding the perfect basic tee is kind of a struggle for me.  I usually end up finding some that are just made with poor quality and don’t last very long or are too big in some areas, just none that fit me right.  So whenever I do find one that fits right and is made with quality material, I go for it, especially with how inexpensive they tend to be!  And this basic Madewell v-neck tee from Nordstrom is my new go-to!  You can shop the look at the end of this post through my ShopStyle where I have linked all the outfit details!

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You just can’t go wrong with a basic tee and some jeans, which I just love.  Super quick and easy to throw on in the morning and go.  And it’s still cute!  This outfit would even look good with a nice jean jacket or lightweight cardigan!

This Madewell tee from Nordstrom is under $20 and does fit true to size.  I am wearing a size XS and while it is a bit loose in some areas, this is just the fitting of the shirt, it is definitely not supposed to be skin tight, just the perfect amount of loose.  I have paired it with my go-to Paige black skinny jeans that I have got SO much use out of already.  While Paige denim is a little expensive, it is definitely worth the price you pay.

I also wanted to share a little about these mules I am wearing too!  First of all, I have never owned a pair of mules in my life.  I just never really liked them until recently.  I always thought they didn’t look good on me until I started trying them on more and more in stores that I came to really like them!  The ones I am wearing are from Target from their new line called A New Day, which seriously has the cutest stuff.

I’d say these shoes fit true to size.  I can fit into a variety of shoes depending on the brand, typically ranging from a size 6-7.5.  I am wearing a 6.5 and they fit like a glove.  I think I’d be a little better off with the 7, but no complaints, they still fit great.

If you’re on the search for some basic v-neck tees, I definitely recommend Madewell.  Super great brand and inexpensive to purchase and made with great quality.  Comment below where you shop for some of your basic tees, I’d love some inspiration!


You can shop this look through my ShopStyle here:



Thanks for reading!




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