Back to School Outfit with Levi’s

Now that I have come to accept the fact that I start school in just 3 days, I have actually been having a lot of fun doing some back to school/fall outfit shopping these past few weeks.  And this outfit is one of my favorites from what I have got so far.  I actually saw one of my favorite bloggers on Instagram wearing this top and I was like, dang that’s a really cute top, and I just so happened to see it at work the next day, so naturally, I just had to get it!

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You can find this top at Macy’s on sale right now for under $20!  And just about anywhere else that Levi’s are sold.  It is available in white and black and is SO comfy!  I am wearing a size S and it’s just a bit big in the shoulders, but other than that fits perfect.

Also thought I should mention, I am totally not a light wash denim kinda girl.  For some reason, I have just always preferred dark wash denim.  But these light wash skinnies I love!  They are currently a part of the amazing sale going on right now at Abercrombie.  I got these for under $30!  How amazing is that?? At that price, I could not pass them up.  I love the rips in the legs too to add that little something extra.  Also pairs really nicely with a basic white tee.  While I was lucky to get them while they were under $30, the price did rise by about $15, they are now available for $44.

But all I need now is a good pair of Levi’s denim (I don’t have any!).  I’ve been trying to keep my eye out for the perfect pair in my size but no luck yet.  If you have any Levi’s that you just love, comment the links below!  I’d love to check them out.


All outfit details are linked here for you to shop:



Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!




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