Boats and stripes just go together so well.  I’ve gotta say, one of my favorite things about blogging is the photoshoots.  I have SO much fun exploring different places to take photos and shoot new looks for the blog.  Which is why I naturally came to the marina at the lake to shoot this super cute outfit for fall featuring stripes!

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Two recent purchases as I get ready for fall that I felt were so essential for the upcoming season.  A long sleeve stripe tee, and a utility vest.  I get so much great outfit inspiration on Pinterest and saw an adorable utility vest, and I immediately thought to myself, “how do I not have one of these yet??”  I was immediately inspired haha.  I started browsing online for utility vests and found this super cute vest from Nordstrom and I love it so much already.  I will definitely be getting so much use out of it this fall.  It pairs so well with this striped tee and even sweaters!

The vest runs a bit big.  I am wearing a size XS and I still find it a bit long, I’d recommend purchasing in the petite sizes available.  It is the Caslon Utility Vest in Grey Ebony.  And I just love the color, the charcoal grey coloring goes so well with so many different colors of tops and sweaters.

This BP long sleeve striped tee was a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and while I did not purchase it while on sale, it is just $29 so was still very budget friendly.  I am so excited to wear it this fall with my vest and even some cardigans and such.  I am wearing a size XXS and I honestly think there are parts of the top that just fit strange.  I find it tight in the arms but then kinda loose and drapey in some spots on the front.  Nothing that turns me against the top, just something I noticed!  But I love the basic scoop neck and the little pocket on the front, super cute and so perfect for fall.

On a side note, today is the first day of my senior year of college and I am feeling so many things right now tbh haha.  Like I feel so excited to be so close to finishing college, and also a little old for already being a senior in college, time really does fly!  It honestly feels like I was just in high school.  Last year of school ever, so exciting!!

You can shop this look below where I have linked all outfit details through my ShopStyle:


Thanks for reading!




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