TV Shows I’m Currently Loving on Netflix

I’d say I’m definitely more of a TV show watcher on Netflix than a movie watcher, and there are SO many good shows that I love to watch on Netflix right now.  I’m super into comedies/sitcoms and a couple dramas as well, but nothing too dark and serious, just not my thing.  But I really wanted to share the shows I love to watch since I feel like I haven’t really done that before.  Hopefully it gives y’all some Netflix inspo if there’s something on my list you haven’t seen before.

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First off, how great is this graphic tee?? If you know the reference, you know lol.  This just adds to one of my fave shows I love to watch on Netflix, The Office!  The t-shirt reference has got to be one of my favorite scenes from the show, it’s SO funny.

1) The Office

As you know from my shirt, I am definitely an Office fan lol.  Little fun fact though, I actually had the hardest time getting into the show at first.  The first few episodes and nearly the whole first season absolutely bored me and I just did not understand why everyone loved the show so much or found it funny, it practically put me to sleep!  But once I pushed through that beginning part, I actually ended up loving it!  It really is funny and just a fun show to watch.  The ongoing pranks with Jim and Pam and Dwight are hilarious.

2) Friends

If you really know me, you know this is my number one favorite show in the entire world and always will be.  I have literally been watching this show since I was about 6 years old and have seen it thousands of times and never get tired of it!  I just love everything about it.

3) Hart of Dixie

I am currently in the middle of watching this show and I love it.  Gives me all the small southern town feels, it’s so cute.  A nice combination of humor, drama, romance, and is just relatable.  Plus I love every single outfit Rachel Bilson wears in the show, so fashionable and trendy I want her entire closet.

4) Young & Hungry

I can literally watch an entire season of this show in a day, or more if I really had the time.  It’s such an easy show to get through so quick.  It’s just a total feel-good sitcom about two 20 something roommates living in San Francisco working and going through life, with cooking too.

5) Gossip Girl

Love Gossip Girl! Gives me all of the fashion and New York vibes, this is probably my favorite drama and makes me love New York so much more!  Although the drama can actually get a little intense haha.

5) New Girl

New Girl is definitely at the top of my list of favorites because it’s almost like a current, modernized version of Friends.  It’s so funny and so fun to watch.  All the characters are hilarious.  Practically anything with Zooey Deschanel you know is going to be hilarious.

6) Gilmore Girls

Love this cute mother/daughter show. Such a classic.  Definitely recommend watching if you haven’t already.  Just such a cute show!


Comment below if you’ve seen any of these or if you have some other favorites too that I may not have seen!


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Thanks for reading!



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