Friday Favorite: My Morning & Evening Skin Care Routine

As I am a college student and have a fairly heavy workload between all the different activities that I am currently committed to and are responsible for, I still often experience stress-related acne as I did in high school.  I have tried out so many different products over the years and never really found ones that I liked that did the job as well as Clean & Clear.  I have recently incorporated two of the Clean & Clear facial cleansers into my everyday skincare routine, and use them in the morning and evening to effectively wash my face and avoid future breakouts.  And I am so excited to share them both with y’all today and why I love using them so much!

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Every morning when I shower, I wash my face with the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and I love it!  It is a very gentle scrub to apply to your face with bursts of vitamin C, and also has a very energizing citrus fragrance that really wakes you up, especially in the morning.

I then use the Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Face Wash every night after I take off all my makeup.  One thing that amazes me the most about this face wash is that each time I use it, I still see more makeup coming off my skin even when I thought I already got it all off with my makeup removers.  So crazy to see all the build-up and dirt/oils that still sit on your skin after taking off your makeup, and I love that this facial cleanser makes sure to effectively clean my skin before I go to bed.  I also love the smell with the deep sea minerals and sea kelp extract ingredients included in the cleanser, the perfect scent to wind you down before bedtime.

One of my favorite things about both of these products is that it leaves your skin feeling insanely soft and smooth!  It feels SO amazing.  And they are both super inexpensive!  I usually purchase mine at Target for under $10, however, they are also available at your local drugstores and grocery stores as well.

Thanks for reading today’s post and I hope you try these out if you’re looking for an affordable morning and evening skincare routine!  They are the best!





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