My Favorite Online Retailers (& Ones to Avoid)

Happy Wednesday friends!  Apologizing real quick for being so MIA lately, I just finished up my finals week at school and was super busy this past week with finals and assignments.  But during that time, I was also brainstorming some new ideas for blog posts, one of which I will be sharing today!

Today I will be talking all about my favorite online shopping retailers, and the ones I avoid shopping at because of bad experiences.  I absolutely love online shopping and over the past couple of months I have been trying out many new online retailers that have left me super impressed!  While almost all retail stores also have online shopping, today I just wanted to talk about online-only retailers that do not have physical stores. I feel like these are all very new and trending right now and just wanted to share the good and the bad.

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My Favorite Online Retailers:


This is by far my favorite online retailer.  The prices are AMAZING and this is honestly one of the best online retailers to find trending fashion all at affordable prices.  At first, it seemed super sketchy to me and I thought it was way too good to be true, or that the quality would be horrible because of how affordable it is.  But they actually do not disappoint, I have had the best luck and experiences through this retailer.

All of my items have always come as described and as pictured, and I haven’t experienced the clothes shrinking much after washing them.  Also, the shipping is a standard time and doesn’t take too long to arrive.  While I have purchased quite a few items from SHEIN, I have never had to return any of my items so I do not have any firsthand experience to give on their return policy.  Overall, I have not been disappointed by SHEIN and this is my go-to place to find trending clothing at the best prices ever!


I’m not positive, but I actually think ROMWE and SHEIN might be owned by the same company, so this is another great place to look for cute and affordable trending fashion!  I could basically say the exact same thing for ROMWE as I did for SHEIN since they are practically the exact same.  ROMWE’s prices are just a bit lower than SHEIN but I have had good luck with them as well.  Again, I haven’t had to return anything from ROMWE so no firsthand experience with their return policy.

3. BooHoo

This is another great place to shop for trending fashion pieces and accessories.  Boohoo is just a little more expensive than SHEIN & ROMWE but also always have great sales going on that make it is easy to find affordable pieces.  They have the cutest clothes and I love their handbag selection.  I just recently purchased a handbag from them and I love it! Super cute and got it at a great deal.  One thing to note though is that it did take about a week and a half to arrive, so if you need something in a timely manner I’d definitely suggest choosing expedited shipping rather than standard.

4. Lulus

Lulus is definitely more expensive than the retailers I listed above as the three previous were all super affordable.  I feel like everything on SHEIN, ROMWE, and Boohoo can all be under $25 while Lulus I’d say would be over $25.  I usually check out Lulus when I need a dress for a certain occasion, they have the cutest dress selection ever!  And of course, everything else too like tops, bottoms, sweaters, accessories, etc.

Online Retailers to Avoid:

1. Showpo

I really don’t like to include too much negative on my blog, but I also do not want anyone to go through the same experience I had.  I found out about Showpo through a couple bloggers I had seen wearing cute clothes from on their Instagram feeds.  I was inspired and decided to shop around on Showpo.  I found a dress I liked and ordered it, and when I got it in the mail, it didn’t entirely come as pictured, it was a bit different than what I had seen online.  My return experience with them was also horrible.   I went to return my dress, and I had to pay for the shipping of the return and was told I’d only receive store credit from the return, which I ended up not receiving either.  Overall, this was a horrible experience and I have not shopped at Showpo since and do not plan to again.  While they do have a cute selection of clothes, I much prefer the online retailers I listed above.


Thanks so much for reading today’s post and I hope this information was of some value for the next time you decide to online shop!  What are some of your favorite online retailers?  I’ve been dying to shop from Vici, Pink Lily Boutique, ASOS, and Goodnight Macaroon.  List some of your faves or recommendations below!






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