My Sunless Tanning Routine with Golden Star Beauty

Before I get started in sharing my current sunless tanning routine, I wanted to provide a little background.  I first started sunless tanning under a year ago, in February of 2018!

As a Seattleite, I hardly ever see the sun, especially during the winter months, and was SO tired of having pale and pasty skin during the winter season.  Last winter I decided I needed to make a change and was actually the first time I had ever tried sunless tanning.  Since then, I have absolutely loved it!  I love the way my skin looks with a nice base of color during the winter time and honestly have found some of my favorite self-tanning products I’ve ever used with Golden Star Beauty!

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I typically apply self-tanners anywhere between 2-4 times per month since that is what works best for my skin and still provides me with a nice base tan that lasts.  I use the Sunless Tanning Body Lotion, Self Tanning Oil Body Bronzer, Tan Extender Body Lotion, and Self Tan Serum For Face.  My typical routine usually consists of applying the self-tanner at night and then showering in the morning.  I use a combination of the products and do not use each one all at once.  Some days I apply the Sunless Tanning Body Lotion and the Self Tan Serum For Face, and some days I apply the Self Tanning Oil Body Bronzer with the Self Tan Serum For Face.  No matter which method I choose, I always follow up 2-3 days later by applying the Tan Extender Body Lotion to ensure the tan lasts longer.

What I love the most about using Golden Star Beauty tanning products is the natural and clean ingredients within each product and how affordable they are!  I have very sensitive skin, especially during the winter as it’s a lot colder and drier out, and in the past have experienced some sensitivity when it comes to using self-tanners. But after using Golden Star Beauty, those problems rarely occur when using the products.

Each Golden Star Beauty Product is organic and contains oils and vitamins that are perfect for sensitive skin, which is why I have come to love them so much!  All products are super easy to apply along with the tanning mitts and gloves and provide the prettiest tan.  The color is also buildable, so on days where I want more of a tan than others, I usually apply 2 layers of the products to my skin rather than one and can totally control what kind of tan I want.

If you’re interested in any of these products, you can read more information about them and shop each product through my Amazon page under “Self Tanning” below where I have linked each item:


Thank you to Golden Star Beauty for sponsoring this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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