Work Wear Wednesday

Are you looking for a chic office-appropriate outfit that can also easily be worn to happy hour? If so, I’ve got you covered! Today’s Work Wear Wednesday look is probably one of my favorites because of its versatility, which you all probably know by now is a big deal for me in the clothes that I shop for.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.52.55 PM

I have always had the hardest time finding a cute blazer for work that I actually felt looked good on me or was comfortable enough to wear throughout the day, and I think I may have found the perfect blazer that I am determined every girl needs in their wardrobe!

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.52.47 PM

You all probably know by now how much I love shopping from Lulus, especially their selection of office clothing now that I’m working full-time, and I came across the perfect blazer that is so perfect for dressing up or down.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.52.38 PM

Because of the blazer’s chic style, it is incredibly versatile which I absolutely love and can easily be dressed up or down.  Since my office has a very casual dress code, I like to pair the blazer with jeans and a cute bodysuit to the point where it’s casual but also a bit more dressed up and chic.  But it could also totally be dressed up even more with a nice pair of slacks and blouse underneath for a more professional office dress code, and can even be worn for a GNO and strictly to happy hour with a cute pair of paper-bag style shorts for those who may not be working in an office.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 12.52.31 PM

If you’re interested in shopping today’s Work Wear Wednesday look, I have linked all the outfit details below:


Thanks for reading!




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