Work Wear Wednesday

One thing that I totally lack in my wardrobe is a variety of nice blouses for work. While I work in a very casual office, blouses are a must-have now that I’m in the working world! When asked to collaborate with Allegra K Fashion again, I could not say no as they offer such a great selection of affordable clothing, perfect for work in a casual or professional office.

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Work Wear Wednesday

I am so excited that it is officially sweater weather here in Seattle because literally half of my closet right now is sweaters and cardigans and are always my go-to getting ready in the mornings for work.  Even though they’re technically all the same, they’re also all so different. Today I’ll be sharing how to style this cute color block/striped cardigan for a quick and easy, ready-to-go work outfit.

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September Current Favorites

As I was brainstorming and planning out this week’s blog content, I was scrolling through some Facebook groups that I’m a part of and saw a couple posts from people asking, “What are y’ alls current favorites right now?” As I read this, I was immediately inspired to create this blog post today as I thought this was the perfect way to kind of round up all the things I’m currently loving this month as we head into fall, such as my essential clothing pieces I’ve been loving this month, current makeup favorites, and other random things. Hope you all like the post! I’m really considering maybe doing posts like this either once a month or once per season, let me know what you think!

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