Life Update: We Got a Puppy!

Big and exciting things happening over here – we got a puppy! My boyfriend, Josh, and I have been looking around over the past couple of months for the perfect puppy to add to our little family and, over the weekend, we found the perfect little furry addition! We got the cutest little 7-week old golden retriever puppy, Charlotte, and she is so good and so sweet and friendly, we love her so much already!  I decided to vlog the entire process of preparing for the puppy, taking the road trip to go and get her, and finally, bring her home! So special to capture these first moments with her on video for us to always have, I hope you all love the vlog!


Thanks for reading/watching!




6 thoughts on “Life Update: We Got a Puppy!

  1. OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THOSE EYES!! I love that dog!!! We have been really itching for another one ever since our GR Gracie passed. They are the greatest dogs (just don’t Anastasia, my husky/shepherd, know I said that!).


      1. They are so gentle and loving. My first girl, Brandi, would let my 3 kids climb all over her when they were learning to walk. She never complained, and if they fell and started crying she would rush over to them, make sure they were ok, kiss the boo boo, and stay close until everything was all better. She was incredible. And then the second one, Gracie, was a little, well big, stinker. She hated being alone. Had to be with her people at all times. Ate everything. I mean everything. She passed back in January. She was only 5. And it still hurts. Sorry. Caught reminiscing and I went on entirely too long. Your girl has Gracies eyes. I have a bunch of photos of her on here. Just really made me think of her. Thank you for letting me remember! 😬😁

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