Gift Guide: Cozy PJ’s for Her

Happy Friday! I wanted to start off by giving a big thank you to those of you who follow along on Instagram and gave me some feedback from my polls I took on stories the other day. I asked all about holiday content including what kind of holiday content you all wanted to see from me this holiday season, where you all shop for Christmas gifts, what kinds of gift guides you wanted to see, etc. This was all incredibly helpful for me and is why I am kicking off my first gift guide of the season today!

My mind was totally not on Christmas shopping yet, but since I saw a lot of you have already started, I decided to start producing my holiday content now to help you all out with your Christmas shopping this year!

So, today I’ll be sharing a roundup of some super cute and cozy Christmas PJ’s for her! Perfect for your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, or even yourself if you want to treat yourself too, I’ll admit I’m guilty of this every year lol.

Cozy PJs For Her

Every year I always love the selection of Christmas PJ’s everywhere, especially Abercrombie and Target, because they’re always so cute! Coming from a total homebody who loves being comfy and cozy, I live in my PJs and comfy clothes after I get off work and being home on the weekends and some of my favorites are from Target and Abercrombie.

While the Abercrombie selection tends to be a bit more expensive, the quality is great and really is the cutest selection this time of year! Plus they always have sales this time of year where you can get some cute PJs at a great deal!

All PJ’s in this post are linked below!


Thanks for reading!





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