November Book Review

Happy Tuesday! Starting off the week with another book review since I just finished a really good book that I highly recommend you all read. For the past couple of months, as you can probably tell by my previous book review posts, I’ve been really into reading motivating and inspiring books from some of my favorite influential boss ladies, and I cannot recommend them enough for those of you out there who are working toward your goals and dreams. These books are just what you need to succeed! Let’s get started!

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I just finished reading Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley, and oh my gosh, practically every single page of the book is bookmarked because each page is just so good and exactly what I needed to hear. One thing in particular that I loved about Jordan’s book was how real and genuine she is and how clearly you could see that through reading this book. She shared her whole story of her struggles and hardships growing up into your 20s, how to live without feeling pressured by life timelines and everyone else around you, thinking you need to have everything figured out all the time, and simply how to show up for your everyday to be the best you that you can be.

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The book started off with an introduction titled Your Brokenness is Welcome Here and I immediately thought how great of a start to the book this was. Women come to this book to learn how to own their every day, and it’s ok if we’re not all perfect, because no one is, and the whole intro was a great reminder that you don’t need to have it all figured out all the time and that it’s okay to fail. One statement that stood out to me in the intro was on page 5 where she stated, “The pressure to prove and true purpose cannot coexist.” So many women face insecurities, expectations, pressures to prove themselves, and Jordan explains this in such a great way to own up to your insecurities, develop an attitude of gratitude, and simply show up and be the best you that you can be.

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While every chapter of this book was spot on, I enjoyed reading part 2 chapter 5 the most because not only was this also so spot on, it was also so relatable. Part 2 is titled Getting Unstuck and the chapter is titled Overcoming Disappointment with a Different Perspective. In this chapter, Jordan speaks heavily about feeling pressure from those around you and on not focusing so much on trying to keep up with everyone around you and their timeline and what everyone else is doing, and getting over FOMO (fear of missing out), and I thought this was so important for so many people to hear.

One passage in particular, she stated, “The second you grab that carrot dangling in front of you – make that move, get that job, or post the cool photo – there’s no lasting satisfaction. You immediately move on to the next thing you think you’re missing out on. And it never stops. The carrot is a false promise of fulfillment.” It’s a great reminder to ask yourself, are you doing something because you think it’s cool and because it’s something everyone else is doing or what everyone should be doing even if it doesn’t give you total fulfillment? When in actuality, you’re not missing out. She then goes on to state, “Don’t overlook what’s in front of you because you’re so fixated on what’s behind you. There is no room for FOMO because the fear of missing out is just a perception, not a reality.”

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I seriously cannot recommend this book enough, a must-read for every woman out there to live a meaningful life with purpose and to be the best version of yourself you can be each and every day. I follow Jordan on Instagram and she shares so much inspiring content with her social media following as well, it’s just what you need to see in your social media feed! I also just recently started listening to her podcast, She Podcast, and it relates so much to her book and such a great podcast to listen to!

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I’ve linked the book below if you’re interested in purchasing too!


Thanks for reading!




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