AE Gift Guide: Gifts for Friends Under $30

One of the most highly requested gift guides this holiday season that I received from followers on Instagram was a gift guide for friends/roommates such as stocking stuffers and other fun little gifts for your girlfriends. I could not wait to share my gift guide for this category because one of my favorite places to shop for this category, in particular, is American Eagle. They have the best selection of gifts and stocking stuffers for friends/roommates with such a variety and so much to choose from. So I decided to compile all of my favorite gift ideas all from American Eagle, and all under $30 in today’s gift guide! (Tbh, most items are under $20) Let’s get started!

AE Gift Guide - Gifts For Friends Under $30

As you may have noticed, there’s a bit of a Friends theme going on in this post because who doesn’t love Friends?? I’ve been watching the show ever since I was about five or six years old, and now with this year being the Friends 25th Anniversary, there are so many great Friends themed gift ideas at American Eagle (online only) such as a cute Friends tee, pint glass, and trivia game! I would honestly love all of these gifts so much to add to my collection of Friends merch lol.

A couple other great gift ideas for friends you can find at American Eagle are cute candles (online only), cute pieces of jewelry, and winter accessories such as cute scarves and socks/fuzzy socks. American Eagle is my go-to every winter for their scarves, they have the cutest selection all for an affordable price, and they always have so many sales too that make them even more affordable!

I also thought the light-up sign was a cute gift idea since they are so popular right now and make the perfect gift for your friends to customize their own way and add a little decor to their place.

All items included in this gift guide are linked below:


Thanks for reading!




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