Gift Guide: Gifts for the Dog Mom

For those who are new around here, my boyfriend, Josh and I got a golden retriever puppy, Charlotte, in October who is now a little over 3 months old. As we have adapted to the paw-rent life over the past 2 months, we have come to love some of these products below and that I thought would make perfect gifts for a dog mom in your life or new paw-rent too!

Gifts for the Dog Mom

I got this Dog Mom tee about 4 months before we got Charlotte because we had actually been looking for a puppy to add to our little fam for about 6 months before we got her and literally bought it in anticipation of getting a puppy. This is actually the tee I wore on the day we went to go pick her up, super cute and affordable too!

Last month we ordered the Furbo Dog Camera and it is literally the best invention ever for paw-rents. Not only is it a dog camera for you to spy on your pups while you’re gone, but it also shoots out dog treats as well! Through the free app you download on your phone, you can control the treat giving to your dog while you’re gone, and even talk to them as well! The camera also has night vision which is super handy for keeping an eye on your pup when it’s dark too. We love it so much! And so does Charlotte haha, it did not take her long at all for her to figure out that treats come out of it and she loves it so much.

We also recently ordered this back seat pet protector cover and is also something we love when traveling with Charlotte. One thing we love in particular about this one compared to others you can find at pet stores is it has protector covers on the sides as well to avoid your pup from scratching the interior sides of your car and also keeps her secure! There is also a mesh part that leads to the front seat which you can zip up if you don’t want your dog climbing to the front, but also want to keep an eye on them as well, you can always unzip too if you want them to climb up front!

I’ve also heard really good things about this pet-hair remover/pet lint-roller as well and is something we are definitely going to be treating ourselves to this Christmas since Charlotte’s hair gets almost everywhere.

I also thought this make your own dog treat kit was a super fun gift idea for the paw-rents in your life to make homemade dog treats! What a fun gift idea!

All items featured in this post are linked below:


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