What I Got For Christmas This Year

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great holiday! I took the whole week off from blogging and really enjoyed time away from my screen and to be more present with my family during this special time of year, and the break was SO nice and much needed after the crazy holiday season. But I wanted to get back into it today to share with all of you some of the gifts I got for Christmas this year. If you’re shopping some of those post-Christmas sales or looking to spend your gift cards that you got, I hope some of these things give you a little inspo on what to get too!

What I Got For Xmas 2019.jpg

I cannot go a year without treating myself to some Christmas gifts haha, anyone else?? This year, I bought myself the Lancome mascara, Tarte Shape-Tape Concealer, brown fur boots, Christmas-y pajamas, and jewelry tray, and I love them all!

I’ve been on the hunt for a new mascara and have heard so many great reviews about the Lancome mascara, and I have to say it is my new favorite mascara ever.  It works so good and makes my lashes look crazy long! The same goes for the Tarte Shape-Tape concealer. It is a very thick, full-coverage concealer so it is best to use it in smaller portions but really does the job well and doesn’t completely dry out my skin like concealers I’ve tried previously. I actually purchased this on the Black Friday sale to get it on a discount and have been highly satisfied with it! One thing I highly recommend if you’re looking to try out higher-end beauty products is to buy the travel sizes so you can get it for a more affordable price and to see if it is actually something you like enough to buy in the original sizes!

I am also so obsessed with the brown fur boots as well, they are the cutest for winter for an everyday boot and go perfect with jeans or leggings! I’ve seen them all over Instagram for the past month at super expensive prices over $100, but fortunately enough found these ones at Target for just $40, such a better deal and just as cute!

My boyfriend and my family also got me some really great gifts including two Patagonia coats, cute new ankle booties, games, and gift cards! I am one of those people who still love to play board games and card games with my boyfriend and family and got so excited to get the Friends and The Office card games this year, two of my favorite TV shows! I also absolutely love getting gift cards since I am always shopping haha, I literally can never have enough gift cards.

I’ve linked all items below if interested!


What was one of your favorite things you got for Christmas this year? I’d love to know!


Thanks for reading!





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