Apartment Tour + Update

As a lot of you may already know by now from my Instagram, my boyfriend, Josh, and I moved in together to our first apartment at the beginning of January! Today actually marks 3 weeks in our new place and it has been SO much fun (also not to mention one of the most expensive months in my life). The past few weeks have been spent a countless amount of times at Target buying things for the new place, and of course a trip to IKEA as well for some furniture necessities.

I received a couple apartment tour requests through Instagram DMs and wanting to see how we’ve decorated our place, and while it’s about 98% completed (we still need to hang things on our walls – they’re still so empty!), everything else is finished and is finally a home!

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.31.37 PM

We really did not know what we were in for in the beginning in how much buying home necessities cost (there’s so much you need in the beginning and it all adds up!), however, we were very fortunate to have some help from our parents as well and also bringing some of our furniture over that we already had, which definitely helped out a lot.

Over the weekend, we finally filmed a tour of our apartment which can be viewed below:

A majority of items featured in this video are linked in the description box of the video on YouTube.

Which brings me to my little update I am so excited to share with you all! Now that we are moved in and have been shopping all month long for home decor and necessities – I am so excited to get more into home decor/interior design related content! Decorating your home is probably the best part about moving, it has been a ton of fun picking out new things and shopping for a whole new category of items that I hadn’t really ever shopped for before.

Some places that we have loved for home necessities and decor are:






While I am no interior designer or expert on what looks best home-style-wise, I am so excited to share more home-related content with you all and truly hope that it will be something you all will enjoy and benefit from as well.


Thanks for reading!




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