Everything I Ordered on Amazon in April

Throughout quarantine, Amazon Prime has been my saving grace. I just recently got Prime at the beginning of the year and now finally understand why it’s the greatest thing ever. Due to many businesses being closed from COVID, I haven’t been able to go out to stores and buy things like usual. Amazon Prime has been a complete game-changer for me throughout quarantine and I have ordered SO much since joining Prime. Today I thought I’d share everything I ordered in April and figured I’d start sharing my orders more often, especially during quarantine!


Kate Spade Coffee Tumbler: After moving into our apartment in January, I realized I have 0 coffee tumblers! I knew I needed one asap and wanted to get a cute one too, I love this polka dot Kate Spade tumbler!

Silicone Straws Pack: I thought these were a great alternative to plastic straws since they’re reusable, perfect for all the smoothies I make and not ones that fall apart like paper straws. Love the fun colors too!

TULA Day & Night Cream: I recently ran out of my moisturizing cream I used every day and always love using TULA skincare products, this day & night cream is one of my favorites!

Our Moments (Couples Edition) Card Game: Being in quarantine, I’ve been playing so many more games on the regular and thought this would be a fun game for Josh and I to play together. The game comes in a couple different editions as well such as the family edition and more. It reminds me a lot of that game Table Topics – it’s like a conversation starter type game and you really get to know your S.O. a lot better. It’s so fun too! We played it the other day and talked for hours about things we hadn’t even known about each other and it was really cool!

Conair Fabric Shaver: This is definitely one of those items that you don’t think you need until you have it, then you can’t ever go back. I have seen this product all over Instagram lately and decided to try it out myself, and it’s the greatest thing ever! It’s like a vacuum for your clothes. Some of my clothing has been pilling over the past couple of months and I never knew how to fix that. This does such a great job at getting rid of it and making your clothes good as new! I also run it across my sheets that have been pilling lately and it gets rid of all the excess fabric!

MOOSOO Vacuum: Josh and I moved into our apartment in January and literally just now got a vacuum haha. We’ve been on the hunt for a good one over the past couple of months but didn’t want to spend a fortune on one. We love the Roomba’s and Dyson’s but were in no way going to spend $300+ on a vacuum. We found this Dyson dupe on Amazon for around $100 and it works so well for a much more doable price and still pretty high quality! We were so excited to finally get a vacuum to use.

The Five Minute Journal: In case you missed my most recent blog post, Things I’ve Been Doing to Help My Quarantine Anxiety, linked here, I shared how I’ve added journaling into my daily routine to focus on gratitude and a more positive mindset and it has already helped so much with that and such a great addition to my morning and nightly routines.

Inflatable Boat: This is by far my favorite purchase from April! Josh and I were looking for things to do for his birthday, and of course, everything being closed made that a bit more challenging. But a couple of weeks ago we were walking our dog along the trail by the river near our apartment and saw this couple floating down the river on this inflatable boat and we thought that just looked like so much fun we knew we needed it too! And the best part, it’s only about $100! It’s a 10ft long inflatable boat that holds up to 4 people and made for such a fun and relaxing day out on the water!

We bought the underwater phone bags too so we had them for our little boat ride in case something happened, and they were great for keeping our phones protected! I have the iPhone 11 ProMax and made sure to get one that fit that size. This one actually came in a 2 pack, one pink (for me), and one black (for Josh) which was perfect!


If you’re ever interested in shopping my Amazon finds in an easy and convenient way, you can always check out my Amazon page linked here where I link everything I use or order on Amazon!

You can easily shop today’s finds here:


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