Everything I Ordered on Amazon in May

I saw so much good feedback and insights from my blog post here sharing my Amazon finds from the month of April. You all loved it! With such good feedback on it, I decided to continue the series again today and share my Amazon finds from May, compiling all the things I ordered from Amazon this month and have loved!


String Lights: Now that we’re getting closer to summer and the weather is getting nicer, we’ve been sitting outside on our apartment patio more and more, almost every single day. We wanted to decorate that little outdoor space of ours more heading into the summer months ahead and got these 25-ft long string lights for our patio and it perfectly adds to the cozy, outdoor patio! They’ve got a couple other length selections you can choose from as well.

Mail Organizer/Key Hook: We’ve been wanting one of these ever since we moved into the apartment in January. Since January, our mail and keys just sit on the counter since that was the only place for it and it was starting to drive me crazy with the excess amount of clutter! We finally found one we liked on Amazon that matched our apartment’s color scheme and it’s the perfect little thing to add to our entryway to hold our mail and hang our keys! It also comes in a couple different colors to choose from!

Meat Chopper: This is definitely one of those things you don’t think you need until you have it. I’ve seen this item all over Instagram the past couple of months and decided to buy into the hype, especially with how cheap it is. We make meals with meat a couple times a week and always had to use alternative methods to chop meat and thought this would solve a lot of those problems.

L’Oreal Collagen Moisturizing Cream: This year, it is a goal of mine to incorporate collagen into my daily routines because of all of the great benefits collagen can have. This collagen cream, specifically, can improve overall skin health by providing rich moisture to restore the skin’s cushion and also helps fill in lines and wrinkles leaving your skin smooth and plump. I use it every night after I get out of the shower and love using it as a part of my nightly routine.

Facial Hair/Peach Fuzz Trimmers: I have had spots of peach fuzz on my face for a while now and wanted to fix that. These trimmers are great because they are affordable, come in a bigger pack so you have plenty, and do the job! They really don’t hurt at all either, but of course, be careful when using so you don’t cut yourself.

Face Mask Applicator Brushes: Every time I’ve used a face mask, I always apply with my hands and it always drove me crazy because it would never go on as well using my hands and I knew there was a better way to do it. I found this 2-pack on Amazon for super affordable and it’s already a game-changer each time I apply a face mask. The silicone is very soft too when applying and goes on very smooth.

The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly: I’ve heard so many good things about this book and couldn’t wait to add it to my reading list since I just finished one book and was looking to move on to another. I thought it would be a good read right now, especially with everything going on in the world. As most of you know, I’ve started implementing journaling into my everyday routine to focus on positivity and gratitude, and thought this would be a good read to go along with that, living every day with passion and purpose.

Resistance Bands and Core Sliders: With the new workout program I have been doing from home through The Fitness Collective app, I needed some more workout equipment to complete some of my workouts to the fullest. I got these 12-pound pink resistance bands and pink core sliders to go along with my workouts, and loved that they had pink options since a majority of my workout equipment I already have is pink!

Inflatable Paddleboard: My boyfriend actually purchased this paddleboard for both of us to use. If you saw my last Amazon finds post, you saw we got an inflatable raft boat, and this month, we decided to get a paddleboard too to add to our water equipment for our summer outings! Inflatables are the best for apartments since storage isn’t totally ideal in an apartment, they don’t take up too much room!


All items featured in today’s post are linked below:


You can also shop my Amazon finds at any time by following my amazon shop page here.


Thanks for reading!






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