4th of July Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe the 4th of July is already next week! The 4th of July is always one of my favorite holidays each year since summer is my favorite season, and the 4th of July festivities are always so much fun. While I’m still not exactly sure how we’ll be celebrating this year due to everything going on in the world, I wanted to round up some cute 4th of July outfit ideas to dress festive for the holiday!

If you’re not totally sure where to look for cute and festive 4th of July outfits, some of my personal favorites are:

  1. The Pink Lily Boutique
  2. Amazon
  3. Forever 21
  4. Target

The Pink Lily Boutique is my absolute favorite when it comes to patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July. They have an entire section of cute pieces dedicated to patriotic holidays and they’re all so cute and for the most pretty affordable! However, if you’re looking to order something from them now for the 4th of July, I highly recommend ordering as soon as possible as a lot of their graphic tees/tanks/sweatshirts take a bit more work to make which means it may take a bit longer to ship, I suggest ordering now if you’re looking for something in time for the holiday!

Another go-to of mine is Amazon. I personally have never had too much luck finding cute pieces of clothing for the 4th of July on Amazon, however, they’ve got a lot of cute accessories that are perfect for the holiday!

Forever 21 also has some really cute accessories for the 4th! I picked up this cute patriotic hair scrunchie about two years ago and typically wear it every 4th of July now! All very affordable too!

Target also always has a lot of cute patriotic swimwear to choose from each year, that’s usually where I get mine for these holidays!

You can shop my picks below:

Thanks for reading!



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