My Work From Home Essentials

Due to COVID, I have been working from home for my full-time job for over 3 months now. Over the past couple of months of working from home, I have come to find things that I use every day in my own makeshift home office to make my work days just as productive and efficient as in the office and wanted to share some of my essentials that have made my WFH life a bit easier and equally efficient.

Converting your comforting home into a professional work space can definitely be challenging at first. It requires a whole other level of motivation to stay productive and efficient throughout the day, can come with more distractions, and even bad habits. I have to admit the first month of working from home, while I was still productive throughout the day, I had gotten myself into a pretty bad habit of living in loungewear and caring less about what I looked like and not getting super ready for the day.

After a couple of more months into the work from home lifestyle, I started developing better habits each day to keep my work from home lifestyle just the same as working in the office.

Some of my work from home essentials that have helped me stay healthy and efficient throughout the day are:

  • Comfortable Slippers
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher

One thing that I overlooked about transitioning from working in the office to working from home was my water intake and staying hydrated throughout the day. My office always had a full water cooler that I would use every single day, until I transitioned to working from home, I realized I started drinking less water each day because I didn’t have that option anymore. Soon after, I started using the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher and it immediately became a work from home essential of mine.

The DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher is very simple to fill and provides cool and refreshing (non-tap tasting) alkaline water! When pouring tap water from the sink into the pitcher, all you have to do is run the pitcher under the tap water, without even removing the lid, and it instantly fills the pitcher! The water is then filtered by the alkaline water filter to provide cool and fresh alkaline water that doesn’t taste like it just came from the tap and pours into the base of the pitcher. It tastes so good! My boyfriend, Josh, has also been working from home these past couple of months and we both always keep a glass of the alkaline water at our workspaces each day to help stay hydrated throughout the work day.

I also cannot go a day working from home without my blue light blocking glasses! They have helped so much with preventing headaches, protecting my eyes from eye strain from staring at a computer screen all day, and more. I am always sure to keep a pair of blue light blocking glasses at my workspace so I never miss a day of protecting my eyes.

Another thing that I cannot go a day without while working from home is a pair of comfortable slippers. While I still get ready and dressed up for the work day, I choose to wear slippers throughout the day to keep my feet warm, have some extra comfort, and also keep me from wearing shoes around the apartment and creating more messes to clean later.

You can use my code JUSTKELSCO20 on Amazon and for 20% off your order on the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher, linked below:

This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

Thanks for reading!


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