Everything I Ordered on Amazon in June

Happy July! Starting off the month with another roundup of the things I ordered on Amazon in June. My Amazon shopping list is never ending but lately, I’ve been trying to be good about only buying things that I’ll need for that month, and worry about the rest later. It has definitely helped not spending all of my money on Amazon haha.

Fuzzy Sandal Slippers: This is probably my favorite Amazon purchase from June! I was in need of some sandal slippers heading into the summer months since I didn’t have any and I’m so glad I got these, I wear them practically all day every day now that I’ve been working from home for a couple of months now. They feel like walking on clouds and they’re so soft and cozy too! They also come in many different colors too which I love.

Black Jumpsuit: I was actually gifted this jumpsuit for a brand collaboration on Amazon, can never go wrong with a good basic jumpsuit for the summer! It also comes in green too.

Acuvar Tripod: I was in need of a new tripod since I accidentally broke my previous one (completely my fault unfortunately). I swear by the Acuvar brand, so easy to use! When I don’t want to annoy my boyfriend to take my blog photos, I take them with my tripod on my own and works so well!

Bathroom Organizer: Probably my second favorite Amazon purchase from June was this bathroom organizer! In our apartment, we do not have much bathroom space/storage at all and ever since we moved in, all of my skincare and other bathroom essentials were sprawled out taking up the entire counter, it drove me crazy! I ordered this organizer to put all of my stuff in one space and the bathroom looks so much better now! The organizer was super simple to set up (instructions are provided) and is also pretty customizable so you can choose where you want the organizer shelves to go. Have loved this for clearing up space in the bathroom!

Pink Dress: I was also gifted this pink dress for a brand collaboration on Amazon and thought this was such a fun and cute dress for summer, any excuse to dress up these days!

Contigo Thermos Tumbler: After moving into the apartment in January, I realized I didn’t have any tumblers and knew I needed one. I bought one a couple of months ago, but wanted one that would contain warm drinks longer throughout the day for days we’re on the road all day, etc. This one is also pretty good about being spill-sproof since in order to drink out of it, you have to press a button to open up the part of the cup where you can drink out of. Thought this was a nice feature since I’m pretty clumsy and drop/spill things so easily!

Flexispot Monitor Workstation: I was gifted this item through an Amazon collaboration with Flexispot and it has become so handy and convenient for working from home these past couple of months! It has a lot of cool features to make your work from home lifestyle easier such as a built-in USB port to charge your phone, pull-out door to store office supplies such as pens, notepads, etc., comes with pegs to lift up the workstation to place your keyboard underneath, UV light to kill keyboard bacteria, and more!

Over-The-Door Hanging Organizer: I think this is a great item to have if you’re living in an apartment with not a whole lot of space or storage. For months since we moved in to the apartment, our shoes we wore most often to take the dog out just sat by the front door in a big pile and looked so bad, we knew we needed something to fix that. We bought this hanging organizer and now store it over the door to the small closet where our laundry machines are. We’ve filled up the whole organizer with household cleaning products and our shoes and now the apartment looks so much better. Only $10 too!

All items featured in today’s post are linked below:

You can also shop my Amazon finds at any time by following my Amazon shop page here.

Thanks for reading!



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