August Book Review

Over the weekend I finished a really good book that I’ve been reading throughout the summer. If you follow along on my Instagram, you’ve probably seen me post quotes on my Instagram stories over the past couple months or so from inspiring passages from this book. All of it is just so good, I couldn’t wait to share a little book review on it!

Over the summer, I’ve been reading The Rhythm of Life; Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose by Matthew Kelly. This book is definitely categorized as one of those motivating and inspiring self-help books and it was nothing short of inspiring the whole way through! The purpose of the book is for author Matthew Kelly to motivate and inspire how to become the best version of yourself you can be, what you should do daily to start showing up as that person, habits of successful and influential people in the world, and attending to your legitimate needs of being a human, including your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. The whole book promotes the message of becoming the best version of yourself, and how that overall is infinitely more important than what you do or what you have.

He shares a lot about influential and successful people such as Michael Jordan, Beyonce, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Olympic gold medalists, and more, and how when you think of these individuals, you typically think of their successes rather than the path they took to get them to their success. He dives in a little deeper to share their failures before all of their success and their motivating habits to keep on going to become the successful people they are now or were.

Some of my favorite quotes and passages from the book that I shared on my stories are:

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”

“Stress isn’t bad. Stress all the time is bad. Downtime isn’t a waste of time. Too much downtime is a waste of life. Money doesn’t drive performance. Passion and purpose drive performance. Energy is created by a sense of purpose and a lifestyle that integrates our legitimate needs, our deepest desires, and our talents.”

“Victory over self leads to ever increasing levels of achievement in any field. Our first opportunity for victory each day is when the alarm clock goes off and it is time to get out of bed. This is the first victory of the day. Most people when they wake up would prefer to lie in bed a little longer… Get out of bed. Grasp the day from the first moment. Achieve that first victory. Look at it as a victory. Affirm it as a victory. Victory encourages the human spirit to soar higher. Small victories are the mentors of great victories. The human spirit responds to victory. Victory elevates the human spirit. We must learn to find victory in everything, even in defeat.”

This is also a pretty cheap and easy read! Just 300 pages long and under $15 on Amazon (under $10 if purchasing for Amazon Kindle). Linked below:

Thanks for reading!



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