3 Fruits To Add to Your Water This Summer

Drinking enough water every single day can definitely be challenging. I’ll admit some days can be hard for me to stay on track with that too. However, one thing I like to do to help force myself to drink more water throughout the day whenever I feel myself getting thirsty is to add fruits into my water for a little extra taste. It can be so easy to grab for any drink you have in your fridge, some that may not be as good for you. So whenever I want something a bit more exciting than regular water, I love adding fruits for extra taste and refreshment!

Three fruits I love to add to my water, in the summer especially, are lemons, oranges, and strawberries. The added citrus from the lemons and oranges really make all the difference in making ordinary drinking water taste a thousand times better, and I love the gentle and fruity addition of strawberries as well. Not to mention, the addition of these fruits in your water also has amazing added health and nutritional benefits! It’s a win-win!

Another thing I love to recommend for those that don’t necessarily care for the thought of fruit floating in your drinking water, is to put the fruit into your ice trays instead and let them freeze with the water, and once ready to go, add the fruity ice cubes into your water to get the same taste!

I always use alkaline water as my primary drinking water, even on days when I add fruits to my water too since I love the refreshing taste! I use the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher since it is so easy to fill from the tap and filters out ordinary tap water into hydrating and refreshing alkaline water with even more added health benefits! It has been so beneficial for me this year being home 24/7 and really working on my 2020 goal of drinking enough water each day.

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This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

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