Everything I Ordered on Amazon in August

Happy September! If you’re new around here, I started a new series on my blog a couple months ago where I share and roundup all my Amazon purchases from the previous month, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it ever since so I always love putting these together each month. Amazon Prime has literally been my life throughout quarantine and 2020 and so glad I made the switch to a Prime membership at the start of the year, I seriously don’t know how I went so long without. Let’s get started!

It’s really not intentional but I swear each month I kindof have a theme of the orders I place. July’s Amazon roundup was focused on athleisure wear, and this month, if you couldn’t already tell, definitely had a home decor theme going on. All of August and now into September I’ve really been wanting to decorate our apartment more given we are home and looking at it 24/7 now, and so thankful that Amazon has just about anything and everything to make it happen. We were able to get quite a bit of good things for the apartment!

One of the main things I wanted for the apartment this month was front door decor. We’ve been living in this apartment for over 6 months now and still had not decorated our front door. All of our neighbors have such cute front door setups and ours just made it look like no one lived there so it was definitely overdue! I picked out this cute pineapple door mat and faux-eucalyptyse wreath and just love the way our front door looks now!

Another bigger update we are making to the apartment is giving our living room a bit of an upgrade and adding a table soon! We’ve been on the hunt for a decent table that fits our measurements which has been pretty tricky given the space and dimensions of our apartment, you can only do so much with a one bedroom apartment. While we are still searching for a suitable table, I purchased some cute wall decor to go above it where our future table will be, including a set of 4 beachy photo prints which I love and some frames to go along with them. I’m just envisioning our future beachy table corner!

Some other things for home that I purchased this month and love are some new pillows for our bed, small baking sheets, and a dresser underwear organizer. We’ve been in need of some new pillows since we had our previous ones for so long, it was just time for an upgrade. I wouldn’t say these are the best pillows out there, however, I have found them to be pretty comfortable and love them for the price too! We were also in need of some smaller baking sheets. A lot of times during the week we cook small portions of freezer food on our baking sheets that takes up hardly any space and end up having to wash the entire sheet, it just didn’t make sense. These smaller baking sheets are a much better option for nights we aren’t cooking too much on the sheets.

My favorite purchase of the month by far were these dresser organizers for bras/underwear, they are a total game changer!! My underwear situation before was all over the place in my dresser and a huge mess I did not like looking at. Now everything is so perfectly organized and I love it! Some of the best money spent on Amazon for sure.

August was also our dog, Charlotte’s, birthday month! I bought her a couple things off Amazon for her birthday and she loved it! I made her a peanut butter dog cake (her favorite), gave her some birthday dog treats, a cake topper for her cake, and a birthday bandana for her to wear on her birthday. It was so cute and she definitely had a good day full of fun and treats.

Last thing was a camera tripod. If you follow along on my Instagram you may have seen that I am in the middle of prepping for a re-launch of my YouTube channel! I started my YouTube channel two years ago but have been super inconsistent with it and don’t use it very often. I wanted to change that and explore a new platform a bit and decided to plan for a YouTube channel relaunch! This is currently still a work in progress but is coming very soon – stay tuned!

All items featured in today’s post are linked below:

Thanks for reading!



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