Everything I Ordered on Amazon in September

Happy October friends! My mind is blown that it’s already October and we are officially in fall already. If you’re new around here, I share monthly Amazon hauls at the beginning of each month sharing all of my Amazon purchases from the previous month. Let’s get started with September’s!

Now that we’re officially in fall, I’ve been adding some more sweaters to my fall sweater collection, along with more loungewear for working from home. I bought these two loungewear sets (both under $30) since it’s practically what I live in these days and I love matching lounge sets! These ones are great dupes to the ones they sold out of from Vici.

I am also loving these slippers and super impressed with them! They are memory foam and so soft and cozy for fall, I wear mine every day with my lounge sets while working from home and they keep my feet nice and toasty. These ones are under $25 and 100% worth it!

I’m also super excited about a new fall sweater and oversized teddy coat! I actually purchased this same sweater last fall in a different color, and I loved it so much I decided to buy another color for this year and loved these color tones for fall. I also bought my first teddy coat last year and still love it to this day, however, wanted to add a new color to my now growing collection and loved this dark brown color and the oversized fit – would look so good with some black denim as styled in the picture! They really are some of the best coats to have for fall since they’re so warm and cozy!

Three other random things I’m loving from September’s purchases are the vanity makeup mirror, pet hair remover, and posture corrector. I actually received this makeup mirror as part of a brand collaboration through Amazon and I have come to love it! It has 3 different brightness modes and is dual sided for a more or less zoomed in mirror to apply makeup – I just feel like my makeup turns out 1000 times better when I use it rather than not because of how good the lighting is!

I also cannot recommend this pet hair remover tool enough, it is SO GOOD. We have a golden retriever who sheds basically non stop and her hair literally gets everywhere in our apartment, especially on the couch since she sleeps there. We used to have to vacuum the couch or lint roll it which took FOREVER and never did the job as well – this is a total game changer when it comes to pet hair removal off your furniture and what not, worth every penny and under $25! It also comes with a smaller tool as well that you can use similar to a lint roller to remove pet hair from your clothing.

My posture corrector is actually supposed to arrive this weekend so will have to report back on this one, but my posture could definitely use some work and is a huge source of a lot of neck and shoulder pain and headaches I get almost daily. I’ve heard a lot of good things about these and had to try it out with how poor my posture is – also under $25!

Everything featured in today’s post is linked below via LIKEtoKNOW.it! You can also shop my Amazon finds at anytime by shopping my Amazon storefront page here.

Thanks for reading!



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