Where to Shop Small This Small Business Saturday

While it’s always important each year to support small businesses on Small Business Saturday, this may be one of the most important years to do so as a lot of small businesses have really been struggling due to the world’s current circumstances in 2020. So today I wanted to round up a couple of my favorite small business clothing boutiques that I shop at and encourage you to shop this Small Business Saturday. No matter if you’re looking for gifts for yourself or for others on your list, small businesses could always use your support!

Shop Talulah

This small business clothing boutique was started by one of my favorite bloggers I personally love to follow, Madi Nelson, and is a great online boutique to shop at if you love comfortable and classic wardrobe essentials with a designer touch at affordable prices. In my opinion it’s one of the best boutiques you can shop at in 2020 because they have a great selection of cute, comfortable, and casual pieces that are perfect for working from home, running errands, and even dressing up too. They also have options available for men and kids as well!

Jasper Plum Boutique

I became an ambassador for Jasper Plum Boutique over the summer and they have really cute pieces to choose from! I’d describe their clothing selection as fun and flirty everyday pieces at a more affordable price. If you’re interested in making a purchase, you can use my code KELSIEM15 for 15% off your purchase!

Indigo Closet

I also became an ambassador for Indigo Closet over the summer as well and this is another great place to shop for trendy and in-style pieces at an affordable price. One of my favorite items of theirs are the Gucci GG belt dupes! They sell them for under $20 and it looks just the same, just at a much more affordable price. If you’re looking to order from Indigo Closet, you can use my code KELSIE15 for 15% off your order.

Hoity Toity Boutique

Hoity Toity is actually local to the greater Seattle area and I love their clothing selection! I’ve stopped in their boutique a couple times before and always found such cute things. They have a lot of great trendy and boho style pieces that I love and highly recommend checking out if you’re into that kind of style as well.

Addison + Grey

I recently became an ambassador for Addison + Grey as well, a clothing boutique based out of San Diego. They sell trendy and modern clothing pieces and wardrobe essentials. You can see how I’ve styled some of their pieces here! You can also use my code KELSIEM15 for 15% off your order.

Elegant Details Boutique

This is another boutique local to the greater Seattle area as well, if you’re local I highly recommend checking out – especially around the holidays! I’ve shopped here during the holiday seasons in the past and they have some great home decor items to choose from, and clothing as well. I’d describe this boutique’s style as more rustic and modern, with a lot of great clothing options for women of all ages. Pieces a teenager could wear, your mom, even your grandma wear too – something for everyone!

Marlowe Boutique

Marlowe is another boutique local to the greater Seattle area and is pretty similar in style to Hoity Toity as I mentioned above. They have so many cute, trendy, and in-style pieces to choose from and always love their seasonal clothing!

Thanks for reading!



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