Everything I Ordered on Amazon in November

Rounding up another monthly Amazon haul today for you all! I’m really excited about November’s Amazon haul because we got just about 95% of our apartment’s Christmas decorations off Amazon for really good deals we couldn’t find anywhere else, including our artificial Christmas tree.

I am 1000% a real-tree kind of girl when it comes to Christmas, but given the fact that this is our first year in our apartment, an artificial tree was a lot more realistic than a real tree and a lot less messy. I’m a little bit bummed about it, but I have to say, this fake tree is pretty great! We got the 7.5′ tree for just $90, where everywhere else we looked, their fake trees were $100+ so we’re pretty happy with it! Super easy to set up too. (We bought some Christmas scented air fresheners at Target so now the whole place smells like Christmas now that we don’t have that real tree smell lol). We also got our rose gold and silver ornaments, Christmas tree topper star, tree skirt, and tree lights off of Amazon and the tree really is a pretty one with all of the added decor as well, I love it!

I also picked out this cute dog rain coat for Charlotte and it’s so funny to put on her to wear out! We didn’t think we’d get a rain coat for her, but she gets drenched so easily, and now that we’ve officially entered the rainiest season out of the whole year here in the Seattle area, this PNW pup definitely needed herself a raincoat. This one comes in a lot of colors and patterns too but we decided to stick with the yellow, just like the golden retriever model was wearing!

I picked out a couple pieces of clothing as well – this New York Soho tee and white/black striped cardigan that I’ve been eyeing for months. I’ve seen so many people on Instagram wearing this cardigan for the past couple months and I love it and knew I needed one for myself – found this one under $40 and so perfect for the fall/winter time. I also loved this casual New York Soho tee, perfect to throw on for errands or hanging around at home. Under $20 too!

Everything featured in today’s post is linked below via LIKEtoKNOW.it:

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