A Neutral Valentine’s Day Outfit Idea

I’m finding it so hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just under a month away now. While Valentine’s Day may look a bit different this year, I’m still finding ways I can dress up a little, because any excuse to dress up these days am I right? I’m not a huge fan of bright pink colors when it comes to my clothing choices, but I do love a good warmer tone of pink/rose gold/beige coloring (you all know how much I love my neutrals) and still finding ways to incorporate this tone for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re going out or staying in, this neutral Valentine’s Day outfit would be perfect!

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A Timeless Wardrobe Staple: Open-Front Wool-Blend Coat

Looking back at my style preferences over the years, I noticed I would almost always jump for trendy and in-style pieces, which of course can add up pretty quickly with how much money I spend on clothing, and the amount of clothes in my closet that I don’t have room for, which then would lead to more and more closet clean outs. One of my goals for 2021 is to focus on investing in more timeless wardrobe staple pieces, even if that means investing in splurge-worthy items as well if I know I’ll wear it over and over again. And this coat is one of those timeless wardrobe staple pieces I know I’ll wear on repeat for a long time! As I’m writing this out, it has me thinking that maybe I should start a monthly series here on my blog of timeless wardrobe staple pieces. Let me know in the comments below if that’s something you’d be interested in!

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What I Keep on My Bedside Table

One of my favorite little corners of our apartment is the small area in between the window and my side of the bed where my bedside table is. Keeping a consistent nightly routine is so important to me and really helps with my quality of sleep and my overall well-being, which is why I make sure to keep a couple of my favorite nightly routine items right on my bedside table. So today, I wanted to roundup some of my nightstand essentials that I use each and every night. Let’s get started!

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At-Home Date Night Ideas

One of Josh and I’s New Years resolutions this year is start prioritizing date nights more and spend more quality time together. I know that may sound a bit redundant considering we already live together in a small apartment and are with each other pretty much 24/7, but our main reasoning for these date nights is to spend time together, just the two of us (and of course our dog Charlotte) with no distractions, as in phone-free date nights where we find something fun to do and just be with each other, not worrying about what may be happening on our phones. We never really did this in 2020 because everything had shut down and we never really went out (and still don’t really go out much) so I wanted to make this a goal for us in the new year! Plus it’s always something for us to look forward to now each week!

While everything is still pretty much shut down here, we are finding creative ways of having fun together and spending time with each other at home and I wanted to round up some fun and creative at-home date night ideas for you and your significant other if you’re looking to be more intentional about at-home date nights too.

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My January Fabletics Order + My Current Workout Routine

We are officially half way through the first week of 2021 and the New Years resolutions are in full force! I spent a majority of 2020 doing daily pilates and HIIT workouts but one of my fitness goals for 2021 was to focus a bit more on yoga and other low-impact workouts as a way to de-stress and stretch more. And what better way to kick off new year fitness goals than with new athleisure wear? Today I wanted to share my January Fabletics order with you guys + my current workout routine to kick off 2021.

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