Hello, and welcome to my blog, my name is Kelsie Mosebar.  I am a current student at Washington State University studying Strategic Communication. My passion for writing began in my early years of elementary school, during first and second grade. Since then I have enjoyed using my imagination to write creative stories, writing about the places I have been, my experiences throughout life, and how each life experience is a learning process that can relate to my readers.

I started blogging in May of 2016 during my first year at WSU. As an early elementary school student who loved to write, I always knew I would study Communication as I got to college. When first starting college I started taking classes related to my field of study, but still had no idea what kind of writing I wanted to proceed with or what kind of career I wanted to have after college. I never knew if I wanted to write for magazines, newspapers, or blogging for company websites. But after all of the experiences a new college student can go through in one year, along with following in the footsteps of some of my favorite bloggers, it inspired me to want to start up my own blog to write about my life, my experiences, and how it can relate to others, especially people my age who are all experiencing what it’s like growing up and becoming an adult.

For the longest time, I always imagined myself studying Journalism and writing for news.  But as I started taking more Journalism and news related classes it made me realize how that wasn’t necessarily my passion.  I never pictured myself as someone to make changes in what I wanted to study, but choosing to study Strategic Communication (working with social media, public relations, blogs, and advertising) I am a lot happier and have a lot more fun studying it.  It’s exciting to think of the career path I will have with the major.  I am currently pursuing a minor in Hospitality Business Management to go along with blogging and advertising.  The more I started to blog, the more it made me realize how much I enjoyed writing and working with social media to advertise.

As I have started blogging, I am enjoying incorporating my passion for writing by telling my own stories about life experiences, travel, etc.

I hope that my blog is fun and interesting and is as enjoyable to read as it is for me to write!