Work Wear Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Some exciting news over here and something I’ve been keeping a little bit of a secret that I am SO excited to share with you all today – I am starting a new series on my blog called Work Wear Wednesday (WWW)!  As I have started a new job and entered the working adult world right out of college, I’ve been brainstorming ways that I could showcase more of my outfits that I wear to work, and figured this new series would be the perfect way to do so.  So, every Wednesday I plan on sharing some cute wear to work outfits from some of my favorite places that I wear to work on a regular basis that I hope adds to your workwear inspiration and gives you some ideas of what you might want to wear to your work as well!

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The High Waisted Shorts You Need This Summer

For the past few months, just about all I see on Instagram and other social media are the high-waisted shorts with the tie belt and waist ruffles, they are everywhere and so popular right now!  These shorts are the kind of shorts I would usually never buy, but I have actually come to love them a lot!  They really are super cute!  After seeing them so many times through fashion, I started to like them more and more.

I went on a summer shopping spree last week and saw them in just about each store I went in and knew I needed a pair, or in my case two lol.  I had been looking around online for a while and finally found two pairs at the mall that I absolutely loved!

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