Saying Hello to 2017

It’s so crazy to think how fast the past year has flown by, how is it already 2017? Even though it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to one year, I always look forward to starting a new year.  With new opportunities, fresh starts, goals, new years resolutions, etc. it’s always fun to get excited for the new year to begin.

I am probably not the only one who has made resolutions each new year and then fail to follow through with them.  That is me just about every single year.  This year one of my resolutions is to actually follow through with my resolutions.

Saying hello to 2017, I have two or three main resolutions that I am hoping to maintain throughout the year.  My first resolution is to put myself on a healthier diet and exercise more regularly, and my second resolution is to keep more organized and decluttered.

1. Maintain a healthier diet & exercise regularly.

Today I am proud for having started the beginning of one of my resolutions of eating healthier and cleaner.  I made my first visit to Jujubeet Juice Bar and tried out one of their healthy and fresh smoothies and am already starting to feel better about my healthy diet resolution for 2017.  It is a goal of mine this year to visit more healthy juice bars for each time I crave smoothies and juices.  Along with healthier eating choices, I hope that my more regular exercise schedule will make me feel better and even more healthy.


2. Organize & Declutter

As I am living in two different places right now, it stresses me out thinking of the things I have at each place and what to do with it all.  With all of my furniture and personal items in my apartment at school, as well as everything I have at home, I can’t help but get overwhelmed.  Being at an age of constantly moving around, it is a goal of mine this year to sell some of my things and make use of storage containers, closet space, etc. to declutter and keep all of my things in one place.

Starting off the new year with goals and a fresh start, I am looking forward to what this year brings and feel good about welcoming 2017.  What are your resolutions this year?


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