5 Of My Favorite Ways To Unwind

We all encounter stress in our day to day lives.  From work, school and homework, hobbies, and maintaining some kind of social life, these things can all catch up to us.  But at the end of each day, I am always making time for these five things that help me unwind and relax before bedtime.


1. Cozy pajamas and Netflix

Throughout the day, basically, all I look forward to is coming home at night to curl up in bed in my pajamas and watch some of my favorite TV shows on Netflix.

2. Listen to my favorite music playlists

From Spotify to Pandora, I have so many music playlists for any kind of mood, whether it be calming and relaxing music or a workout fitness playlist, I’m set for anything.

3. Talking & spending time with my boyfriend

One of the things I love about my boyfriend is that no matter what may be going on in life, he is always there and calms me down when I am stressed and overwhelmed with school or work.  At the end of the day, I always look forward to time spent with him.


4. Play around with my dog

They say pets are the best medicine.  And I believe it.  I have had my dog for over ten years and he is totally my buddy.  Playing with him at the end of the day always lifts my mood and I have so much fun with him.


5. Keep up to date with social media

After my homework is done for the night, I find it relaxing to scroll through Instagram and Facebook, and even pinning things that I like or would like to try on Pinterest.

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