Custom Teeth Whitening From Home

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, having a great smile goes a long way and is definitely the best accessory any girl can have.  

I have always been a little insecure about my smile for a couple of reasons.  My two front teeth are a little crooked, going through braces in junior high school, bars to fix my overbite, and I have just never been satisfied with how white my teeth were.  But whiteness was definitely my biggest insecurity.


For a couple years I’ve experimented with so many different kinds of drugstore whitening strips and Crest whitening strips but never noticed any results and was honestly just getting frustrated because I had no idea how to fix this particular insecurity of mine.  I drink sodas and tea a couple times a month and knew that was what was causing a lack of whitened teeth, but I just couldn’t give those up! Coca-Cola or iced tea on a hot summer day are the perfect refreshments that I just couldn’t let go of!

So when I got a message from Smile Brilliant asking to try out their product, I was beyond excited and could not wait to begin a new teeth whitening method!  After reading through all of the information, I was sure this was the teeth whitening method for me that would actually work, being so much more professional than a standard drugstore teeth whitening kit.  It was basically like a dentist office teeth whitening kit sent to my house to do myself when convenient for me!

After answering some questions about my dental history, I received the package from Smile Brilliant which contained all the gels I would need throughout my whitening process, along with the molds I needed to create of my teeth to send back to the company.  After creating my molds and sending them back, I received my custom-fitted whitening trays about a week later and was ready to start whitening!


I used the product for about two weeks and I would go about 3 days of whitening, take a day off, then continue with 2-3 days, take a day off, etc.  As I am usually fairly busy throughout the day, I always did my teeth whitening at night as I was winding down and getting ready for bed and found this time very convenient for me.

What amazed me the most about the product is that even after one use, I could already see the results appearing right in front of my eyes, it was awesome and I was so excited!  While the whitening gels definitely irritated my teeth, the desensitizing gel provided SO much relief which completely took away all irritation and teeth sensitivity.  Even though my teeth were irritated during the whitening process, I knew it was just doing its job and would be totally worth the irritation in the end, and it definitely was!


After having used the product, I have found the at-home custom fitted teeth whitening kit provided by Smile Brilliant to be the best whitening method I have used on my teeth, it really does work!  I highly recommend Smile Brilliant as your next step toward pearly whites, worth every penny and super convenient to do from home.

If you have any further questions about the whitening process or the kits, feel free to ask me, or reach out to Smile Brilliant at their website.

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Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post.



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